21 Day Fix home workout program

Here at St. Bernard’s weight loss we have been advocating and promoting what is known as the 21 Day Fix. It’s a program that lasts for 21 days designed by Beachbody (the creators of P90X and more. You follow the workouts every day according to the included calendar and also the specific nutritional guidelines, which are figured for you by using their simple color coded containers.

How many Workouts?

There are 7 workouts with 2 DVDs. One for each day of the week. The best part is that each workout is only 30 minutes long!


To learn more about the nutrition, we found a very good resource to be this 21 Day Fix Review by Pauline Abello at getleanwithpauline.com

The program teaches you how to include chocolate and even alcohol using the specified containers. It feels like a cheat meal but it really isn’t. There is no cutting anything out and you can definitely eat out on the plan.

We highly advocate this program because it is designed or all fitness levels and ages and sizes. The workouts are simple to do adn require next to no equipment.

Autumn Calabrese is the trainer and she has years of nutritional and fitness expertise. She has designed many programs and trainers many celebrities before creating this one. She studied for many years to achieve this level of expertise. Instead of going with just any trainer you find online, we recommend using one of the best through the Beachbody fitness program like 21 Day Fix. When you purchase a program you get the expertise and combined coaching staff and knowledge that comes from a team of trainers and fitness experts at a reputable company. Not your brother’s buddy who works at a gym!

Why do we recommend this more than working out at a physical gym location? Because it is very expensive. This is a one time purchase. Then you can put your surplus money into buying highly dense nutrient food that will heal your body. There is no reason to go to a gym just to be around a bunch of people you don’t know. Not to mention you won’t know what you are doing and your results will suffer. You can risk injury.

Following a tried and true program like 21 Day Fix is the key. But you must watch your nutritional intake. What you eat will be 85% of your results. Working out is only the smallest part of your success. That is why it is so important to follow the food plan. There is no food plan included with a gym membership! You’d have to pay big money investing in a personal trainer or nutritionist and the advice they give could be bad advice. Beachbody employs a team of nutritionists when they formulate their nutrition guides. So you can be sure you are getting expert advice. And the meal plans and recipes couldn’t be simpler as they coordinate with the fun colored little containers. You will get plenty of recipes to try but if you need more you can by Fixate. That is Autumn Calabrese’s new cookbook.